Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gary and Barb's Kitchen Redo/Update

This is a kitchen that SCREAMS at you.  It needed an update 2 decades ago.  Watch what we do!  These are pictures of  'Before'.
Notice where the microwave is.  This will be changed.  And the cabinets to the left of refrigerator will be changed.  What purpose do they currently serve?
The peninsula island is going, going, gone!!!!  Currently there is no dishwasher in the kitchen.  Don't think dishwashers were invented in the era of this kitchen!  But installing one in the new kitchen!!!

After the kitchen was demo'd, we are now installing new cabinets.
Notice we moved the stove away from the pantry wall and the pantry is now a working pantry (minus the microwave).

This goes to the left of the refrigerator.  It is a narrower cabinet with a larger rack of drawers.

Ready for formica on the backsplash area, upper cabinets and countertops.

Adjustable racking system in the pantry

Ready for flooring to be installed and handles/knobs