Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foster's 'Frumpy to Fabulous' Kitchen

These are the BEFORE--(Frumpy) Pictures.

Tear out has begun!!!
Wow,  it self destructs!!!!!

Say so long.......

New cabinets being built from Beechwood.  They will have a clear coat.  Makes a beautiful kitchen.

Let's start installing.....

Did I mention we kinda trash the place when we bring all our tools in!  It's just like Christmas morning!!!

Ready for corian tops to be templated and let's make more cabinets.

Corian tops are installed and uppers are going in also.

Notice we clipped the corners in the soffit and made corner units in the new kitchen.  Got rid of the blind corner cabinets.

Behold.........Something new

This was something the old kitchen never had.  This is along the back wall, only 15" deep but holds alot of stuff.  One side is a pantry on top with pull out trash on the bottom and the other side is a broom closet.  Tucked in the center is a display unit with storage underneath.  A new patio door was also installed along with new tile flooring and corian tops.  Ready for backsplash, handles/knobs and the finishing touches.

And here it is A FABULOUS KITCHEN!