Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The R.G. Project

We started this project the first part of March 2010.  Wow this kitchen needed help.  First thing we did was tear everything out and start with a bare room.  Hi-Ho,  Hi-Ho.......It's to the dumpster we go!!

Installing some cabinets today.  New cabinets are oak with clear coat finish.  Notice the large pantry unit on the end.  The old kitchen didn't have one.  Formica backsplash has been installed, along with a new floor and new paint.  Formica countertop are being made and will soon be installed along with more cabinets and crown which will go on the tops of cabinets.  On the sink side the dishwasher was relocated, therefore some plumbing had to be re-routed.  It is coming along!