Thursday, March 25, 2010

The R.N. (Benton Home) Project

This is an older historical home built in 1850 once known as the 'Benton Home'.  It has 12" brick exterior walls, a brick layed floor in the kitchen and a 1800 era cook fireplace (complete with kettle hangers).  We are going to give this kitchen a redo, still keeping the style and era of the home.  Our goal is to make 'hoosier' style cherry cabinets with inset doors and finish the design off with old style door closures.    The walls were plaster and lathe and just plaster on the brick exterior walls.  After the existing old cabinets were tore out, there was some wall work needed along with some electrical and plumbing. 

Cherry cabinets are being made in the shop.  This is the end panel of the refrigerator.

This is the stove wall unit.  The center part will have the cooktop in it and the right side will have a built in oven unit.
Here are some doors and drawers for the above unit. 


The sink wall is somewhat of a different story.  The home owner found this old time sink, had it refinished and we built a cabinet to house the sink
More cabinets are to be installed and more are being built. 
Check out this sink!!!!!  Just down right cool!!!  Perfect for the era of the house.
This is the upper part to the Hoosier cabinet that will go to the left of the sink.  Templated for soapstone countertops today.  Doors and drawers are being installed along with some appliances.  Kitchen is coming together very nicely.

Countertops are now done and the upper unit is installed.  Check out some of the following pictures.

Some details to show you.
Panelized cabinet sides-upper and lower on the Hoosier,
Plus a refrigerator panel that matches the existing doors in the home.

Inset doors and drawers with 'old time' hinges, door latches and drawer pulls.
'Feet' on each cabinet

Countertop detailing
Large 'pots and pans' drawers with extra heavy duty glides
A lasy susan

And the object that really makes the era of the house that the whole design was built around.  I could not  leave this project without showing you the fireplace.

Our part is done.  The homeowner has some small touch-up/molding painting to do and the electrician needs to come in and do some final wiring.   This has been a super fun project for us.  I hope you have enjoyed viewing our work.