Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Randall's Hickory Kitchen

Randall is a avid hunter and fisherman that likes a 'lodge" look.  We started with a bare room and patched in some hardwood floor.  Getting a floor plan to work for him was a bit challenging due to the window by the sink and the ceiling levels.  Randall chose hickory as his cabinet wood and I think it looks outstanding.  What do you think?

I want to show you some characteristics of hickory
This hickory has just a clear coat for finish.

A couple of storage units/pantry in hallway
Refrigerator end panel

Ready to template for granite counter tops
Granite countertop are now installed and Randall's handles/knobs are being put on.
Quite unique handles.  Matches Randall perfectly.

Wait till you see the backsplash!  Absolutely awesome....  Kitchen is ready for tile backsplash and some appliances to be moved in.